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Training:   Spray Polyurethane Foam Course For Insulators


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Why Take A Training Classes?

Ø  Credentials – You will have the credentials to quote and execute spray polyurethane foam projects which require education and experience information as a prerequisite.

Ø  Sales Assistance – Through the uniform data reporting requirement information about products is simplified for the use of the contractor, customer, or end user.

Ø  Trained Personnel – Through generic education and the credential system, an individual’s level of education can be ascertained before employment begins.

Ø  Prestige – Individuals and companies are recognized and respected as being committed to professionalism.




Our instructors are among the leading consultants in the industry and are fully accredited.  Each instructor has vast hands on experience in spraying, consulting, inspecting, and are trade professionals.  They can provide helpful tips on materials application, troubleshooting equipment, controlling job quality, project efficiency, and recordkeeping that will help you get your supplier on your side in case of a challenge, building code issues, safety and health and much, much more!


Class Descriptions:


Day 1:  101 Fundamentals of Spray Polyurethane Foam:  If you are new to SPF or need a refresher on the basics, this is the class for you!  Develop that solid foundation upon which more advanced learning is possible.


Day 2:  E&M Materials:  These classes must meet a specific set of criteria, these courses where screened by a sub-committee and voted on by the Accreditation Committee for inclusion into the course.  These courses are divided into two types:  equipment and materials. These classes offer training in the specific, non-generic products that contractors use on their jobs.


Day 3:  E&M Equipment:  This is the second part of the Equipment and Materials class.


Day 4:  101BE Fundamentals of Spray Polyurethane Foam for the Building Envelope:  This class was developed by leaders from the contracting, thermal barrier manufacturing, and polyurethane foam manufacturing segments of our industry under the guidance of the SPI/SPFD Accreditation Committee.  This course consists of chapters with emphasis on materials, application, equipment, qualify control, and safety.


Each class is eight hours (7:30AM—3:30PM) with a break for lunch.  Each class will have a study/reference manual. All class examinations are in a true/false, multiple-choice format and will be graded immediately after the exam is completed.  This will enable the student to know their scores and have any questions answered by the Instructor.  Upon completion of all classes, each student will receive a certificate from Intech Equipment & Supply.


The cost of each class $350 per day.  These classes are currently scheduled in our San Bernardino location.  We are happy to assist with directions, lodging, and local restaurants. Upon request, we can teach these classes at our customers’ desired location or at any other Intech location.


For scheduling purposes, should  the minimum number of students not be met, Intech reserves the right to cancel a respective class with full refund to each registered student.  For those students cancelling after payment has been received, a 25% fee may apply.


Check out our 2018 Calendar for times and locations — then call  Keith Coultrap for details: 208-967-2303


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