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Bob Jutras

Bob has been in the two-part polyurethane foam industry since 1975.  In 1995, he along with two others founded Intech Equipment & Supply.


As an active member in the SPFA, Bob has been one of their instructors for over ten years.  In 2008 Bob was named Customer Service Person of the year by the SPFA community.  Bob is also a Polyurethane Roof Training Center authorized instructor.  As quoted by John Toolis, Intech’s Managing Member: “Bob has the amazing ability to take a very complicated subject like spray foam and explain it in an easily understood process.”


Bob has started up hundreds of mobile spray foam systems and handled thousands of technical assistance calls.  His experience in managing, building, repairing, and troubleshooting spray foam equipment makes Bob Jutras an invaluable resource for the Spray Foam Industry.

Mason is one of the leading Spray Foam Consultants in the industry; and, is the former Executive Director and Technical Director for the SPFA. He is certified by the SPFA to teach their Accreditation Courses.


Mason has more than 40 years of hands on experience in the spray foam industry as a contractor, material supplier/manufacturer, equipment manufacturer, inspector and trade association professional.  He can provide helpful tips on foam application, troubleshooting equipment, controlling job quality, project efficiency, and recordkeeping and much, much more.


Mason talks about the latest trends and provides information that will target more applications and increase your bottom line.

Mason Knowles
Don Lenaker

Don has been involved in the sales and installation of High Performance Polyurethane Roofing & Coating Systems and Building Envelope Insulation Systems for over 40 years.  He has hands-on experience in the field as a contractor applying, selling, troubleshooting, and managing SPF projects. For the last 16 years he has worked for the Henry Company’s Polyurethane Division as VP National Construction Projects Manager. Don wrote Henry's official Polyurethane Roofing Installation Manual as well as developing technical documents and detail drawings.


Don has assisted in R&D spraying and worked with U.L., F.M., ICC-ES and various labs for testing and product approvals. For the NRCA he helped develop foam roofing documents. Don has also served on the SPFA Board of Directors, Building Envelope and Accreditation Committees, and developed the Project Management 201 class which he instructed at the SPFA trade shows for the last 10 years.


Mike has over 25 years experience as a spray foam applicator and mechanic.  He has sprayed over 25 million square feet of foam roofs.  Mike has also sprayed crude oil tanks, cold storage facilities, and wine tanks.


In 2004 Mike joined Team Intech as a service technician.  He is now Intech’s Technical Service Manager and is an experienced Polyurethane Roof Training Center (PRTC) instructor.  Mike has conducted over 25 PRTC training courses, a five day hands experience for roofing applicators.


Mike’s field experience is invaluable for customers who call daily for his technical assistance and troubleshooting advice.  This same experience is the qualifying factor in Mike’s excellence as a training instructor.


Mike Payne

Clint Moore

Clint has 27 years professional experience related to the building and construction trades beginning at age 15 when he started working for his Grandfather.  In 1986 he accepted a position at Lucas Sales Co., the largest Carlisle distributor in the Midwest.  Clint was directly involved in building, servicing and repairing spray equipment for low rise foam adhesives.  He also did on site equipment installations and training during his 17 years at Lucas.


In 2005, Clint moved his family from Missouri to Arizona and accepted a position with Intech.  He is actively involved in technical assistance, customer services, and sales of roofing and spray equipment.  Clint also provides start up orientation training on spray foam and coating rigs for insulation and roofing contractors.  He is a key member of our Technical Support Team.

Frank is well versed in the equipment world with an in-depth understanding of all aspects of function and productivity.  Frank has spent his entire professional life focused on taking the equipment and respective personnel to the next level.  He started in the sprayfoam industry 11 years ago bringing his expertise on design and function.  He has worked closely with Graco and contractors designing complete plant layouts to patented portable sprayfoam equipment.


Frank has produced several patented equipment designs in portability and productivity for the sprayfoam industry; and, has conducted hundreds equipment training classes.


Recently, Frank and Intech have come together to offer the industry a central location dedicated to serving all industry contractors

Frank Soares

David Thacker

David has been involved in construction for over 30 years including operating his own company.  Over the past 10 years, he has been very active with spray foam insulation projects, coaching, and training.  This hands-on experience certainly qualifies David to coach and teach spray foam applicators on the jobsite.  His knowledge of the entire building envelope proves invaluable to contractors new to the industry as he recognizes when miscalculations are starting to happen and can step in and avoids errors.  These teaching opportunities provide valuable lessons to applicators which they will long remember and use on the job.


David’s true passion is to promote the benefits of the cleaner and more environmentally friendly spray foam insulation and to share his experience and knowledge throughout the industry.  This coupled with his unique talent in coaching and on-site observation enables applicators to perform at the highest level.




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